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Priority for everyone

Priority statement can be as simple as hashing your document and storing it in a bank transfer

As an inventor, author, artist, scientist or other creator, you may fear that distributing your work creates a risk that others replace or deny your authorship. Here is a simple solution to this problem:

compte fingerprint of a document, store this fingerprint in a bank transaction

Compute a cryptographic fingerprint from a document and copy it to the text fields of a bank transfer. With such a fingerprint (hash value) stored at a bank there is evidence of the existence of the content of a document at a certain point in time. This can be used to e.g. support a proof of priority.

Take the idea, use it for your documents. Ralf, the inventor of the technique, has published it in an open access journal in order to make sure it is free to use. An English translation of the article can be found here or downloaded as a pdf.

Use it now

You will find here a few tools to help you hash your documents:

Text fields for SEPA bank transfers offer 140 characters for a message. Some online web interfaces implement this not with a single field, but with two lines of 70 characters or four lines of 35 characters. In any case the text fields can carry a SHA-256 value consisting of 64 characters.

Online tool

You can use the following client-side web page: (also directly accessible from here).

Windows app

You can download and use this Windows version.

screenshot of the prioprepare Windows software

After download, simply extract the file "prioprepare.exe" from the zip-archive. Load a file by selecting it, drag and dropping it or passing it as first parameter of prioprepare software.
To prevent the document to be priority protected from later unintended modifications (which make their original SHA-256 hash value useless), also an archive can be created. This archive is a zip-file which contains a copy of the document along with the text protocol of the procedure.

Chrome app

Similar to the online tool, you can install this application for Chrome. It runs offline and has the same features as the web version.

screenshot of the prioprepare Chrome app